Our Story

O ur pharmacy was founded in 1886 by pharmacist Alfred Blumenthal and has its location in the heart of the Viennese Mariahilf district, Nr. 30 Gumpendorfer Straße. Since the 19th November 2006 we have been called SAINT CHARLES, with various familial entanglements and traditional European medicine being the main cause. On that same day the Saint Charles Cosmothecary (natural cosmetics) and the Alimentary (inn) were born.

What´s all this for? It´s quite simple: we can process the herbs we find on our doorstep into medicines, cosmetics or things to eat. Alexander Ehrmann, a sixth generation pharmacist, continues the family tradition at Saint Charles. He is a descendant of Martin Ehrmann, who in 1861 played an important role in the founding of the “Allgemeine österreichische Apothekerverein” (General Austrian Chemist’s Association) and who had numerous publications and books on pharmaceutical products and preparations.

The Saint Charles Pharmacy at Nr. 30 Gumpendorfer Straße in Viennas 6th district is the scientific and ethical backbone of each of its enterprises. In addition to numerous specialties from traditional European medicine Saint Charles also has all registered and conventional medicines available. Saint Charles Cosmetics and Naturals are Saint Charles Pharmacy´s organic own brand. Through the creation of this series pharmacist Alexander Ehrmann and Richard König are been able to pursue their passion for the development of high-quality, sustainable and effective natural remedies and cosmetics.

The Saint Charles Cosmothecary, our premium shop for natural cosmetics is located directly opposite the pharmacy. Producers and suppliers must on the one hand, meet the highest ecological and ethical criteria, and on the other be of outstanding, 100% purely organic quality.

At the Saint Charles Hideaway on the 1st floor of the Saint Charles Cosmothecary we offer soothing massages and beauty treatments. Amongst other things we also offer unique pregnancy treatments, which are thoughtfully adapted to your respective trimester.

The motto of our Saint Charles Alimentary Inn is “eat what you know”. This means only self-gathered foodstuffs and those produced/ hunted/ grown by friends make it to your plate. No supermarkets!

As diverse as the human being is, so too is the interdisciplinary range provided by the Saint Charles Complementary. The term derives from the Latin word “complementum” and refers to a multidisciplinary range, supplementary to conventional medicine of methods and practises varying from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), yoga and general healthcare.

Since May 2009, Saint Charles has been an international company. Our sister, the Saint Charles Pharmacy Pariserstrasse is in Berlin.

Since the beginning of 2016 the Saint Charles Organics GmbH Team has been taking care of further brand development and international expansion.

Alexander Ehrmann & Richard König

Our Philosophy and Traditional European Medicine

Read more about our philosophy, why our DNA is firmly anchored with traditional European medicine and why innovation plays a decisive role.