The Saint Charles family is committed to a number of projects. We see ourselves not only as an economic enterprise, but also as part of a society who wants to make its contribution beyond just monetary aspects. Our primary focus is on social projects which help people, but also projects which help people to get to know nature a bit better. It´s exactly this understanding, that we are all a part of a nature network, that can bring us further in both the field of medicines and in dealing with one another. Above all, the respect for man and nature is the key element of the things we do at Saint Charles.

Saint Charles Mission

  • Social responsibility
  • Sustainable management
  • Respecting nature

Projects (extract)

Saint Charles helps children

Children and young people need care, honest attention and awareness. Especially unsupervised minors who have had to leave their homes and countries defenseless and alone. They need our support. In cooperation with the Tralalobe Association (Diakonie and Caritas) unaccompanied, underage refugees are given the opportunity of a one week, nature holiday camp, free from the worries of everyday life. This opportunity is given to these children every summer at our retreat in Prigglitz.

For further information please visit:

Prigglitz Kinder
Saint Charles unterstützt Ärzte ohne Grenzen

Doctors Without Borders – we support you!

Saint Charles is an official supporter of Doctors Without Borders. Donation boxes and info materials are located in the Saint Charles Apotheke in Vienna.

Pharmacies help refugees

Refugees need medical care. It´s exactly these urgently needed medicines that are so difficult for refugees to access. Many get ill during their escape and need medical attention and especially medicine. With the Saint Charles pharmacy is not only a co-founder of this initiative but also a supporter.

Apotheken helfen Flüchtlingen
Schamanen bei Saint Charles

Cooperation with Ernesto Neto and the Brazilian indigenous tribe, the Huni-Kuin

Our cooperation with Ernesto Neto, a Brazilian artist, led to the cultural and medical exchange between shamans of the Brazilian indigenous people, the Huni-Kuin and the Saint Charles pharmacy. As part of this cooperation Alexander Ehrmann was permitted to pass on the practises and methods of European medicine in the Brazilian rainforest as a white physician, thereby also learning tribe healing methods first hand from the Huni-Kuin shamans. After this, about 30 shamans came to Vienna to participate in Ernesto Neto´s exhibition at the Augarten and Kunsthalle Krems. During this time the shamans visited the Saint Charles pharmacy continually in order to produce natural remedies together.

Information about the exhibition TBA21.