There are many ski huts in the Alps, but on the Bürglalm descent, in Dienten am Hochkönig, there is only one that breaks new ground: Die Deantnerin.

Die Deantnerin combines the tradition and comfort of a classic ski lodge with extremely stylish and modern elements, second to none. Planned with oodles of good taste and love there is, in addition to 120 interior seating spots, a spacious lounge with a bar and an open fireplace. A generously proportioned, extended sun terrace, large glass surfaces and old wood combine rusticity and contemporary.

Where tradition and zeitgeist meet, there must of course also be Saint Charles. The Saint Charles Pharmacy soap blends in here like a second skin. In particular, at about 1,100 meters above sea level the soaps highly active essential oils, thyme or cinnamon, combined with fresh citrus notes can unfurl and offer the guests of Die Deantnerin a hand-washing experience of a very special kind.

And we are happy! For now, our pharmacy soap has become a must-have and cult object in the guest / client area of agencies, surgeries, architectural offices and above all, in the areas of gastronomy. In addition to Die Deantnerin you can live the fragrance experience with many other friends of Saint Charles, such as the top restaurant Taubenkobel or the bread lounge at Joseph Brot…because good things take time and time to enjoy.

Therefore, our tip for all those who love special pit stops: Just be. Simply. Private. at Die Deantnerin am Hochkönig – Alpine glow included!

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