Are you looking for a relaxed weekend for two? Or simply a break from everyday life? Then we know an insider tip of a special kind. Recently opened you will find in the beautiful, wild hills of the Scottish border Alpnhaus, a private chalet in alpine country house style. Of course Saint Charles should not be missing…

Year-round relaxation

Stay in your own large chalet, just for two. Enjoy a traditional alpine breakfast and start the day relaxed. Spend the day cuddling on the sofa, watching the birds, enjoying the view or taking a bath in your own private, wood-fired whirlpool. In the summer months, there is company of birds while in winter the stars and the Milky Way astonish. All in all, a stay in the Alpnhaus is the perfect way to forget everyday life, relieve stress and relax gently or simply enjoy some time for two.

Alpine cosiness

What makes this chalet so special? The Alpnhaus was designed and built by Christa and Del Dobson with much love. This place of retreat has been a dream of the couple for many years and has now become reality after a year of development work. The fact that this chalet was a dream of the two is immediately apparent when one looks at the interiors, with much love to detail the furniture and the products were selected.

Naturalness & Saint Charles

So it was that the Scots came across Saint Charles in their search for high-quality and natural body care. We are pleased to be able to share the nature affinity of the two with the Saint Charles private mixture care series and some other products.