How do certain essential oils, a fragrance composition and the bird flu come together? And can a wave of influenza create something new, something better?

In 2005, avian flu reached its peak in Austria. Panic spread throughout the population. People desperately sought pharmacies in search of an effective way to protect themselves against the dangerous flu. Since viruses can be transmitted very easily by touch, pharmacist Alexander Ehrmann came up with the idea of developing a formula with highly disinfecting properties that combats germs in a natural way and thus reduces the risk of infection. Until now, such strongly disinfecting agents were mostly of chemical nature. However, Alexander Ehrmann wanted to create his own product for the Saint Charles pharmacy and followed his passion to develop highly effective products from nature’s treasure for everyday use.

Disinfecting with nature

In search of natural substances with antiviral and antibacterial potential, various natural pure essential oils were analyzed to determine their effect. The unique mixture arose only from the strongest ones. The essential oils of thyme, cinnamon or lemon play a central role. Studies have shown that these oils are able to neutralize a very broad spectrum of bacteria within a short period of time. The mixture was supplemented with nourishing components of coconut and aloe vera. The resulting fragrance was refined to a particularly fresh and meanwhile very popular note with help of the Viennese perfume manufacturer Lederhaas. This is how the Saint Charles apothecary soap and the pharmacy spray were created.

Simple. Natural. Hands.

A few years have passed, but the awareness of the need for disinfectants to protect against bacteria and viruses that can be transmitted by touch is still on everyone’s lips. Hand washing in particular continues to play an important role in the protection against transmission. Whilst the pharmacy soap has found its way into numerous private households, offices, up to top restaurants and even alpine huts (more on this in the Alpine glow report), the popular small-sized pharmacy spray has already won its fans in numerous handbags, luggage or cars. It provides refreshingly clean hands with two or three short pump strokes at any time, while the large version of the pharmacy spray cleans and refreshes every room as a room spray.

The Saint Charles Apothekerspray is available as a small hand spray and as a room spray at selected partners and in the Saint Charles pharmacies Vienna and Berlin, as well as in the Saint Charles Premium Onlinestore.