“For people could close their eyes to greatness, to horrors, to beauty, and their ears to melodies or deceiving words. But they couldn’t escape scent. For scent was a brother of breath.” (Patrick Süßkind “The Perfume”)

The diverse effects that perfumes have on us humans are extraordinary. They work in fascinating ways. If it smells good and inviting, we like to linger, pleasant memories are awakened and we feel happy, and it is these positive factors which are used in aromatherapy. Therefore, it is not without good reason that the application of essential oils has a long history and tradition.

Aromatherapy development

Essential oils and essences have been used since Pre-Adamite times for the healing of health problems, body care and for spiritual rites. In the Middle Ages the founder of traditional European medicine, Paracelsus, spent much time studying the effects of vegetable oils and essences on the human being, and placed the interaction of mind and body at the center of his studies. Over the coming decades vegetable oils were used primarily as perfumes and especially for the production of perfumes. It wasn’t until the beginning of the 20th century that the French chemist, Rene-Maurice Gattefosse re-discovered the healing power of essential oils. It was he who coined the term “Aromatherapy”.

The vitality of plants

Natural essential oils contain the vitality of plants in their most concentrated form. They are called essential because they are the “soul of the plant” and reflect the personality and the spirit of the plant. The effects of the essential oils are holistic. Body, mind and spirit are closely connected with one another and with their physical, mental and spiritual effects and essential oils can help bring balance to the system.

We can absorb essential oils via our sense of smell through fragrances, diffusers or room sprays. In addition to this method of smelling the fragrance, an essential oil also develops its effects on a biochemical level and the ingredients are absorbed through the skin in various ways by rubbing, gentle massage, inhaling and bathing.

New at Saint Charles: 12 essential mixtures

In the Saint Charles Aromatherapy Range there are a multitude of tried and tested products, all with essential oils and all of the purest organic quality to ensure their fullest effectiveness. The new Saint Charles Apothekerserie therefore further expands the extensive Aromatherapy Range. This series includes 12 mixtures of 100% natural essential oils for diverse usage. When selecting the essential oils for these mixtures we concentrate on a range of plants whose medical effects have been proven through studies as well as our experiences in our pharmacy. Naturally, during the selection of our suppliers we place great importance on high and up to 100% natural quality without additives and therefore focus exclusively on natural products from certified, organic farming.

The mixtures of the Apothekerserie are bottled in high quality and storage-resistant violet glass bottles (20ml). To experience the positive effects of the aromatherapy quickly, with ease whilst on the go and at work, we are also offering our mixtures as innovative sprays. All new mixtures are available in our pharmacies in Vienna and Berlin as well as online in the Saint Charles premium shop. Overview:

Four Thieves
• Breathe Easy
• Head Pain Guard
• Mind Focus
• Memory Balance
• Stress Guard
• Body Pain Guard
• Mood Balance
• Sleep Well
• Mind Balance
• Anxiety Guard
• Insect Guard