Bioidentical Hormones

In recent years, treatment with bioidentical hormones has become increasingly important due to the convincing success of the therapy. Chronic diseases, which at first sight do not seem to be associated with a hormonal imbalance, respond very well to treatment with individually dosed, endogenous hormones.

Migraine or depression can be the result of a progesterone deficiency, overweight the result of an excess of cortisol, hair loss due to hypothyroidism and acne due to too much androgenic hormones.

Bioidentical hormone therapy starts at the causes of the complaints instead of just fighting the symptoms – very gently and with almost no side effects.

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Bioidentische Hormone

I opened the Saint Charles Pharmacy in May 2009 in the heart of Berlin with the desire to create a pharmacy that would return to the traditional craft of the pharmacist. As far as possible, natural substances from controlled organic cultivation or wild growth should be used, and the advice should also be well-founded, holistic and from the heart.

With a permanent staff of qualified, highly committed employees, I have succeeded in this venture.

Also the approach of the bioidentical hormone therapy is holistic and the occupation with this form of the natural hormone treatment accompanies us already many years. Since an experienced therapist can determine the cause of the various complaints of a hormonal imbalance, the stressful symptoms can be alleviated or disappear completely – gently and almost without side effects.

Since autumn 2011 we at SAINT CHARLES Apotheke have been producing bioidentical hormone formulations with a high quality standard and constantly developing them further.

Your Sabine Oeverhaus-Zeeck