Capsule versus cream


The respective bioidentical hormones (progesterone, estradiol, DHEA or pregnenolone) are encapsulated in micronized form in an olive oil base.
The cellulose capsules are taken once or twice a day. It is postulated that the hormones are not metabolized via the liver, but are transported to the target organs via the lymph due to their special preparation. How and to what extent this happens has not yet been fully scientifically proven.

The “RIMKUS Method”: In the 1990s, the physician Dr. Volker Rimkus developed his concept of capsule production with bioidentical hormones and micronutrient additives.
(zinc, copper, vitamin D). We in the SAINT CHARLES pharmacy also produce bioidentical hormones encapsulated in oil.

Cream (transdermal)

The micronized, bioidentical hormones are applied to the skin in a special base with an exact dosage system once or several times a day. The hormones pass almost completely through the smallest blood and lymph vessels into the arterial circulation. This form of application bypasses the liver, which partially inactivates hormones absorbed orally (via the mouth). Thus more hormones are actually available to the body via the transdermal route of administration = they are bioavailable.