Die Haut mit Antioxidantien vor freien Radikalen schützen

Protect the skin from free radicals with antioxidants

For years we have been trying to protect our skin from the sun's harmful rays and apply UV protection on a daily basis. However, many forget about the daily pollution we are exposed to from particulate matter on our way to work or even during our leisure time. Anti-pollution products are entering the market.

Air pollution damages the skin

In Asia, anti-pollution has long been a trend. There, where air pollution has reached proportions that can be seen with the naked eye, beauty-conscious women have for years been using cosmetics designed to reduce the negative effects of smog on the skin. This is because daily UV stress and pollution create toxins and free radicals in the skin. These appear as inflammations and can even damage valuable stem cells. The higher the environmental stress, the higher the risk to the skin. Especially dryness-related wrinkles, which are produced by free radicals, are thus visible much earlier.

The new Radiant Day Shield Serum from The Organic Pharmacy contains mineral UVA and UVB filters with encapsulated grape stem cells, which are designed to prevent environmental and UV damage. Valuable antioxidants from pomegranate oil and rosehip oil are thereby considered highly effective radical scavengers, which suppress the reaction of free radicals with oxygen, have an anti-inflammatory effect and support the skin in tissue regeneration.


Clinically Proven Antioxidant Action
The ultra-lightweight serum reduces the percentage of harmful oxygen radicals in human skin cells exposed to oxidative stress, while providing sufficient UV protection for everyday life between work and home, according to clinical studies by The Organic Pharmacy. In addition, the serum gives a natural glow with gold and copper pearlescent minerals.

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