NEU: Saint Charles Apothekerseife Refill

NEW: Saint Charles Apothekerseife Refill

With the SAINT CHARLES REFILL Station, we now offer easy refilling of your high-quality Saint Charles Apothecary Soap glass bottles. With this, we set an example for more sustainability, for the reduction of waste, completely in the sense of a sensible circular economy: "Right to the Roots". 
Please clean your bottle at home and follow the hygiene instructions. Our team will be happy to assist you on site with refilling.

How to easily refill your pharmacy soap:

  1. Empty pharmacy soap bottle, as well as pump unit at home clean well *
  2. Have refill station refilled by Saint Charles team
  3. Enjoy pharmacy soap

*For more tips on cleaning your high-quality apothecary bottle, please contact our team at your location.

Do you love Zero Waste? We do.

We are convinced with this further sign of sustainability to make a positive difference. Transparency, reduction to the essentials, coupled with high-quality and sustainable products, will continue to determine our products and our actions in the future. That's Saint Impact. Ecological. Sustainable. Fair. Refill Service is available at our Saint Charles Pharmacy in Vienna, as well as at the Saint Charles Store Vienna. More are to follow.