Ashé | Duftöle in der Tradition des brasilianischen Candomblés

Ashé | Scented Oils in the Tradition of the Brazilian Candomblés

Ashé is presented in 18 exclusive, natural fragrance compositions and is a homage to the gods of the Brazilian Candomblé spiritual tradition. In the Brazilian Candomblé tradition, Ashé is the universal energy that creates life and consciousness. This energy Ashé is generated by universal forces of nature - these are called Orishás. In Brazil, the energy of the Orishás is maintained through dances, prayers, ritual baths and communal meals.

The natural fragrance oils transport the joy of life, the energy and wisdom of the elemental forces of nature. They are offered in a highly concentrated form as alcohol-free fragrance oils.

The 18 Gods of Light

Ashé, i.e. the universal energy, expresses itself in human beings through a multitude of inner forces, also called polarities. Each polarity has a consciousness that is anchored in the spiritual world through the Orishás. The invocation of these Orishas is to activate the inner forces. This activation of the healed spiritual world is to provide balance to the inner world. The assignment of polarities is done through concrete needs.

  • Fragrance: Perfectly suited are the highly selective and natural Fine Fragrances without alcohol as fragrance. They adhere for a very long time and with their nourishing component they can be applied to both skin or hair.
  • Massage: The fragrance oils can be mixed just as excellently with massage oils and thus exude their energy during the massage.
  • Therapy: In aromatherapy, the essential oils connect with the inner forces.
  • Spiritual connection: Likewise, there is a spiritual connection to the inner forces, e.g. in yoga.
  • Other: As an additive after shampooing, the 18 scented oils with their fragrance and care components are ideal. Likewise, the oils can be used as a bath additive.

A few drops are enough for a long-lasting, magical experience. The coordinated compositions are manufactured in Germany. We are pleased to offer these exceptionally fragrant, high-quality oils in the Saint Charles Cosmothecary Vienna, as well as in the onlineshop. Choose your fragrance according to your specific needs! In the online shop you will find all information about the 18 Orishás.

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