Entspanntes Wochenbett - Stay at home, baby!

Relaxed postpartum - Stay at home, baby!

Normally, she is a week-to-week guest at the postpartum. For this special phase of life, Julia Hüffel - Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist of the Saint Charles Complementary - also offers home visits. She provides craniosacral treatments at Saint Charles Complementary for the aftermath and all other stages of life.

What is Craniosacral Biodynamics?

After many years in a Viennese maternity ward, where she treated countless newborns and their mothers, Julia Hüffel knows how well and quickly babies in particular respond to this gentle and mindful form of bodywork. Craniosacral biodynamics has its roots in osteopathy and helps the body to release blockages and tension and activate self-healing powers. The relaxing treatments are recommended for all classic baby issues (around breastfeeding, digestion, sleep ...)! Even though the manual cranio-treatment will have to wait a little longer due to the current Covid 19 crisis, there are already a few helpful tips from Julia Hüffel for parents who currently have a small baby at home.

What support is there for babies and parents in these times?

The baby has a strong resonance with the people around it - the connection with its mother is particularly strong. Anyone who wants to support a small baby should therefore also always try to be a good support for his mother and father so that they can relax - which in turn supports the baby in resonance to find more relaxation. In a craniosacral treatment, Julia Hüffel keeps this aspect very much in focus by making the setting as trusting, safe and comfortable as possible for everyone. If you are a young family at home alone right now, you may want to take up the following suggestions:

  • Pillows can work wonders. Getting a few more pillows on the sofa or in bed has always worked well to offer relief when breastfeeding or giving bottles: under the - otherwise raised - elbows, in the neck and also under the raised knees, which can now simply give off weight. The now more relaxed muscle tone of a breastfeeding mother also helps the baby to relax more!
  • Just hold. The baby is the centre of attention, is rocked, carried, kissed, looked at for hours... As a young parent, allow yourself a loving look and a hug in between. Just hold each other in between. This can give so much strength. Sometimes "just" holding each other is more powerful than many words....
  • Sad parents are more relaxed. Often, in all the hustle and bustle with the little baby, people forget to eat. As important as meals are for the little baby, parents - and especially breastfeeding mothers - also need something good to eat and drink.

Remember the announcements in the aeroplane, according to which one should always put on a protective mask for oneself first when oxygen drops in the cabin, and only then for fellow passengers and children. The reason for this is that you can only support others if you are well supplied with oxygen yourself. Otherwise you will run out of air... At home, the same applies! It is not only vital to eat and drink well yourself - it is also social and for the good of the whole family! In Julia Hüffel's experience, these 3 small recommendations often have a tremendously relieving effect in the postpartum period... I would also like to recommend a personal phone call with her! Especially with the first child (but not only there...) so many questions arise and it is often difficult to assess what is normal and where it might still need something. Many mothers feel a lot easier and clearer after the first phone call. And the time will certainly come when the cranio can take place at your home or at Saint Charles Complementary! For more information on cranio-baby treatments with Julia Hüffel, please here. [caption id="attachment_40903" align="alignnone" width="300"] © Laurent Ziegler[/caption] Mag.a art. Julia Hüffel, BCST Craniosacral Biodynamics & MBSR + 43 676 303 67 01 julia.hueffel@praxisderachtsamkeit.at www.praxisderachtsamkeit.at

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