Black Friday - Nicht mehr, sondern besser!

Black Friday - Not more, but better!

Once again this year, our campaign "Make a wish come true" stands for positivity and meaningfulness. Doing business does not automatically mean growth, profit and more and more turnover. For Saint Charles, doing business means contributing to society and the environment. This is also the reason why we have decided to not participate in Black Friday promotions. Of course, we also live from the sale of products. However, we stand for sensible consumption - in line with our motto "Not more, but better". The focus is on sustainable products, regional suppliers and meaningful giving. This is the only way we can support the local economy, our fellow human beings and the environment and make a contribution as a company.

VinziRast - A homeless outreach organisation

This year we are supporting VinziRast, an organisation that works with the homeless. VinziRast is an independent, non-profit organisation in Vienna that has been supporting people without shelter, refugees and others affected by poverty since 2003. It offers these people a home, warmth and security. The team consists of 95% volunteers, the services are financed purely by donations without public funding. Formerly homeless people find permanent employment in Vienna's "VinziRast-Lokal mittendrin", which combines excellent cuisine and hospitality with an important social goal.

Since November 2021, this very kitchen, in keeping with the motto "Eating well with a clear conscience", has been providing the Saint Charles team with a balanced lunch menu several times a week. 

Saint Charles Black Friday

Donation campaign 2021 - 1€ per spray sold

From the sales proceeds of our "Make a wish come true" room spray we generate a substantial donation, which we can also use to support the VinziRast organisation monetarily. The handover will take place on 26 November, this year also known as Black Friday.

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