Die Saint Charles Complementary erfindet sich neu

Saint Charles Complementary reinvents itself

Saint Charles Complementary has reinvented itself. As a holistic centre for health, Saint Charles Complementary specialises in a multidisciplinary range of methods from Traditional European and Chinese Medicine (TEM, TCM, massage), mindfulness practices (meditation, Qigong, yoga) and the field of psychotherapy. There are many new therapists and practitioners offering various massage techniques, relaxation practices, mental as well as physical benefits as of now. As versatile as the human being is, so diverse is the complementary offer. Our programme consists of holistic courses, individual sessions and workshops. Visitors to the Complementary have the unique opportunity to experience a spiritual and physical self-awareness with a high potential for personal development.  

Menu Complementary

Room A: (small)

  • Nuad Thai Massage: Tue, Thu 14h-21h, Sat 11h - 18h Rinda Konkolits, Nuad Thai practitioner Dates and contact: Email: mynuadthai@gmail.com Tel: 0664/1849010
  • Tuina (TCM - Healing Massage): Wed and Fri 9h - 21h Michael Grundmann, Dipl. Tuina Practitioner and Host of Complementary Dates and Contact: +43664/3916870 complementary@saint-charles.eu
  • TCM Nutritional Counselling and TEM Herbalism: Thu 7h - 14h Sylvia Brunner, Dipl. TCM Nutritional Counsellor, Dipl. Herbalist Contact and appointments: Thu: 07.00 - 14.00 +43 699/17156172 office@sylviabrunner.at

Room B: (large)

  • QiGong (Medical QiGong): Mon 8.15h-9.15h, Thu 7.15h-8.15h Margarita Wagner, Dipl.Shiatsu practitioner, QiGong teacher Info and registration: 06503436794, margarita.wagner@gmx.at
  • Alexander Technique: Tue 8.45h - 11.45h The F.M. Alexander Technique helps us to track down the wrong movement patterns that have become habitual and then gradually change them in an indirect way. Marie Orsini - Rosenberg, Alexander Technique Teacher Dates & Contact +43 699 / 12 17 75 37 marie.orsini@chello.at www.mor-alexandertechnik.at
  • Fit & Mindful Sessions: Wednesday - 07:30 Fit & Mindful Pocket (45 min) - 08:30 Fit & Mindful Session Original (75 min) - 10:00 Fit & Mindful Best Age 60+ (60 min) - 11: 15 Fit & Mindful Relax (45 min) - Gentle yoga exercises and regenerative yoga loosen up their sessions Flavia Laterman, Mindfulness Trainer Register by SMS 0676 4585657 or email: flavia@fitandmindful.at by 18:00 the day before