Design erleben | Saint Charles ist Partner des Formdepot

Experience Design | Saint Charles is a partner of Formdepot

The FORMDEPOT in Vienna Ottakring is not a classic showroom for crafts, architecture and design. This unique "stage" is about authenticity, not about individual products; it is about understanding and conveying the entirety of design. Highlights from the fields of crafts, architecture and design are staged in a multi-sensory way on three levels. Cooperation is writ large at the Formdepot. More than 35 participating companies and exhibitors work together to create something extraordinary for the visitors.

Well-known brand partners include KARAK, a young tile manufacturer from Vorarlberg, the studio NERODISEPPIA, which specialises in surface design, and SCHOTTEN & HANSEN, which develops and manufactures valuable and regenerable wooden surfaces. It is important to the initiators of the Formdepot that the quality of the materials can be understood on site in order to regain the trust of the visitors. The Formdepot is about getting people back to a place where they can experience design.

Experience Multi Sensory at Formdepot Salon 2019

From 1-3 March, the Formdepot will be hosting the Salon Days for the second time. The focus of the FORMDEPOT SALON 2019 is the multi-sensory experience. Architecture, space, design and brands are staged in such a way that perception appeals not only to the eye but also to the rest of the senses.

New design highlights, innovations, unique materials, surfaces and creations by the members of the Formdepot and their brand partners are thus presented in an intimate setting and relaxed atmosphere. The salon concept focuses on the work, the craftsman, the artist and the stories behind them and presents them in the context of a curated and staged world of experience.

New at Salon 2019 - Fully functional wellness showroom featuring Saint Charles products

A new area has been added to the Formdepot showroom, this will be unveiled to visitors for the first time at Salon 2019. We are delighted to be part of the Formdepot showroom with selected Saint Charles products. Craft and design also play a big role at Saint Charles - all the more fitting that Saint Charles products such as the Pharmacist Soap, the Pharmacist Tonic Shots, the Private Blend, Soul Splash and Aromatherapy Series, as well as Hydrolates and sauna infusions will now furnish the showrooms of the Formdepot.

Abelegasse 10
1160 Vienna

Salon days from 1-3 March 2019.
Register at:

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