Achtsam aus der Krise - Schritt für Schritt

Mindfully out of the crisis - step by step

After a long period of withdrawal, it is now time again to take very conscious steps forward. In the last few weeks, many people have realized in their own four walls that there is a desire to shape the time "afterwards" in a more conscious and meaningful way - for better or for worse! But how can this be achieved without immediately finding yourself back in the old rut? Julia Hüffel - MBSR and mindfulness trainer of the Saint Charles Complementary - accompanies you with a lot of experience and joy: She supports you in training and sensitizing mindfulness in order to strengthen well-being and balance. For groups, there are MBSR courses for this purpose. For those who prefer one-on-one settings, take private mindfulness training-whether at Saint Charles Complementary or online!

What is MBSR?

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction means stress reduction through mindfulness. MBSR is an 8-week training program according to Prof. Jon Kabat-Zinn, which is scientifically based and established worldwide. The awareness and training of mindfulness taught in the MBSR course provides lasting support for stress reduction, increases overall well-being and promotes good health.

  • Systematic training in mindfulness
  • Development of more serenity and balance
  • Reduction of stress-related physical and psychological symptoms
  • Helping manage chronic pain

"You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to ride them." Joseph Goldstein

Discovering the ground beneath your feet...

Often the first steps with something new, are the most challenging, knows Julia Hüffel. It is in the nature of things that the Breaking old habits requires more energy than to continue the run in the hamster wheel. But it's worth it to just be brave and curious and experiment with something new - without too many demands and without pressure! If you just have a few quiet, undisturbed minutes ahead of you - maybe now is exactly the right time! Take off your shoes, put down your socks and put your feet on the floor! - An invitation to walking meditation How does the floor under your feet feel right now? Cold or warm? Hard or soft? Damp or dry? How do the smooth... Continue to walking meditation instructions Asked about the benefits of walking meditation, Julia Hüffel explains that when we walk consciously, we sensitize and train our attention by repeatedly focusing on feeling the soles of our feet. If there are a lot of thoughts buzzing around in your head right now and your head is already quite heavy, then it can be supportive for your balance to shift your center of gravity down a bit. Using the feet as an anchor for our attention supports feeling more grounded. And that's how you get down. Step by step. And one has the chance to really arrive in experiencing the present moment with all senses. Thich Nhat-Hanh describes it in his so: "Each step brings a fresh breeze. Each step makes a flower blossom under our feet. Kiss the earth with your feet. Give the earth your imprint of love and joy." What an inspiring image... For more info and specific dates on upcoming MBSR courses and mindfulness trainings, please here.


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