Die Story hinter dem Malin + Goetz Cannabis Duft

The story behind the Malin + Goetz cannabis scent

"A whiff of the scent immediately puts me back on my bike and I'm cycling through the canals of Amsterdam..." - Andrew Goetz

Once defiantly naughty, now inescapably chic, cannabis has always been considered a rite of passage, but never has cannabis been as à la mode as it is today. Andrew Goetz, founder and owner of the modern New York dispensary Malin+Goetz, has a long history with the spicy cannabis scent.

Andrew's Story | How the Cannabis Collection Came to Be

Coming of age in America in the 70s, it was no surprise that Andrew was exposed to cannabis at an early age. But he actually liked the idea of rebellion more than the effects of the intoxicant, so his first cannabis chapter closed before it opened.

When he moved to Amsterdam after college, Andrew was impressed by everything Dutch, this included being exposed to cannabis again: Chapter Two opened. In the Netherlands, "hash", as they call it there, was both mythical and institutionalised. "Coffee shops" dominated the city; for Andrew, the experience was both alien and poignant.

The coffee shops and cannabis consumption became a symbol of liberation for him- to this day, a whiff of the spicy aroma immediately puts him back on his bike and he cycles through the canals through one of the happiest times of his life. With this in mind, the third chapter was born: the (MALIN+GOETZ) Cannabis Collection.

Cannabis as a natural healing herb

As cannabis is a natural healing herb, Malin+Goetz consider cannabis to be the perfect "modern apothecary" ingredient. Inspired by Andrew's memories, the cannabis fragrance balances spicy herbs with fresh coffee notes and a hint of smoky scents. Of course, these fragrances are free of psychoactive ingredients (THC-free), but let you experience the typical scent of cannabis.

As a Saint Charles Apothecary, we are happy to be partners with Malin+Goetz and carry the spicy cannabis collection with Cannabis Candle, Cannabis Hand & Body Wash, Cannabis Perfume Oil and the Cannabis Travel Votive Size in both Vienna, Berlin and online.

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