Die beliebtesten Düfte von Malin + Goetz jetzt auch als Parfümöle

The most popular fragrances from Malin + Goetz now also as perfume oils

Malin + Götz now offers a unisex fragrance line in practical rollerball perfume oil bottles. Do you want to smell like "cannabis" or "dark rum"? The New York apothecary has always offered unique scents in its range of candles, soaps and more - now they're available as convenient scents to take home.

The Cannabis Perfume Oil won't make you smell like you just smoked cannabis, of course, but it does smell pretty intoxicating. The spicy oil-based cannabis scent stands for an intense aroma and combines it with peppery notes, citrus and wood to create a unique and unexpected fragrance that lasts a long time.

Petitgrain references the calming effects of bergamot. Take the coveted Petitgrain fragrance with you wherever you go. Containing the same blend as Malin + Goetz's Eau de Toilette, only oil-based, it naturally combines warm citrus with delicate florals and soft woods for a sexy, sophisticated scent that lasts.

Dark Rum, on the other hand, smells exceptionally sweet. Take Malin + Goetz's bestselling dark rum fragrance with you wherever you go. The same blend as the coveted eau de toilette, only oil-based, it combines the mild sweetness of rum with rich, warm undertones for a unique and unexpected scent that lasts.

Available from us at the Saint Charles Apothecary, as well as online at the Saint Charles Apothecary shop, Malin + Götz's latest fragrances are available for purchase.

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