Neues aus der Cosmothecary: Organic Glam

News from the Cosmothecary: Organic Glam

The Organic Pharmacy's mineral and botanical make-up line Organic Glam highlights your natural beauty with a big dose of glamour. Mineral colours are combined with cell-protecting organic plant extracts. The Organic Glam product range - which of course contains no synthetic preservatives, colour pigments or fragrances - combines only the best ingredients for a super natural or even glamorous look.
Decent daytime make-up € 25,00
Glamorous evening or festive holiday make-up € 40,00

Give your eyes more radiance permanently with a professional eyelash extension - we use fine silk eyelashes for this - for naturally radiant eyes € 100,00
Please make an appointment at the Saint Charles Apothecary in Berlin or by phone with our beautician and make-up artist Annett Meusling.

When you purchase an Organic Glam product, we offset the purchase amount against the make-up price.

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