NEU: Ins Gleichgewicht mit Algen and Magnesium von REN Skincare

NEW: Balance with Algae and Magnesium by REN Skincare

It's no secret that stress affects the stomach. We like to resort to so-called superfoods or get one or the other remedy from the pharmacy in the form of dietary supplements. But what do we do when our skin is tired and weary? With this in mind, REN Clean Skincare has developed a new detox programme for the body that brings the skin's energy balance into equilibrium: REN Atlantic Kelp & Magnesium.

Renewable Energy. Through kelp extracts and magnesium.

Seaweed and kelp were considered to be true anti-ageing miracle cures very early on in the West of Ireland and are now found not only in our kitchens but also our bathrooms. REN is harnessing the benefits of a very special type of seaweed, Atlantic Kelp, in its new skincare line to combat fatigue, stress and impurities and give the skin a daily energy boost. Combined with magnesium, which supports the functioning of our body and is easily absorbed through the skin, the energy level of our cells is boosted and the natural functioning mechanisms are restored. The skincare range relaxes the body after a long day at the office or is used to relax muscles after exercise.

REN Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium Anti-Fatigue is available as shower gel, body lotion, exfoliating and bath oil available now in the Saint Charles Cosmothecary and in the Saint Charles Premiumshop!