Neu: Shamanic - Ausstrahlung ist das neue Anti-Age

New: Shamanic - Radiance is the new Anti-Age

Shamanic embodies a completely new generation of luxury natural cosmetics composition. With natural oil care products made from wild-collected high-quality, naturally pure oils from the Amazon region, 16 completely new compositions are freshly produced in the company's own manufactory in Germany and certified according to German criteria.

After more than 10 years of research and testing with nearly 1000 natural oils, SHAMANIC founder Tilo Plöger created an anhydrous, vegan cosmetic line for skin and hair care based exclusively on pure, unrefined active oils. SHAMANIC's maxim is to transfer the life energy of plants to skin and hair. This can only be achieved in the form of pureest and intelligently combined natural oils, to which nothing is added and nothing is taken away.

Effect without side effects

The raw materials of the SHAMANIC active oils are gathered by hand in the Amazon. In these wild collections, the founders followed shamanic knowledge, because this is the only way to obtain raw materials with an active ingredient content of up to 700% and higher. The collection is highly sustainable, as it is only done at places and in quantities that the jungle can tolerate. For the indigenous peoples, this type of income provides economic independence.

The unique "oil care" resulting from these wild collections regulates the cell's own water balance and thus improves the hydration of skin and hair. At the same time, the gentle freshness manufacturing process preserves the highest concentration of active ingredients.

"With access to the traditional knowledge of the shamans, we have come to the deep conviction that the life force of plants contributes decisively to the effectiveness of our products - this can only be achieved if we treat nature with particular care." Tilo Plöger, founder of SHAMANIC

Broader antioxidant effect

Compared to other skincare oils, SHAMANIC oils have a significantly higher and broader antioxidant effect than many other products available on the market. In addition, SHAMANIC cosmetics are not diluted and mixed - the products are therefore 100% pure, fresh and therefore highly compatible. The range is vegan throughout and of course produced without animal testing and sustainably.

We are pleased to offer this exclusive SHAMANIC range from November in our Saint Charles Apotheke Wien, as well as in our online shop. A video about the Shamanic Oils, which was filmed in our pharmacy, will follow shortly. We are already looking forward to it and until then we will use the unique active oils with full enthusiasm.

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