VinziRast Lokal mittendrin von außen

Eating well with a clear conscience - VinziRast at Saint Charles

VinziRast is an independent community from Vienna that supports people without shelter, refugees and others affected by poverty. At Saint Charles, too, space for humanity is a priority, which is why we have been happy about a joint cooperation since the end of 2021.

About the VinziRast community

The independent, open Viennese community VinziRast is united by its mission to offer homeless people a home, warmth and security in a community. The staff members are almost all volunteers and come from all age groups and professions and from different social backgrounds. The residents and guests are treated with respect and are offered shelter, time and attention. Space is given for the development of self-esteem and life skills.

The VinziRast restaurant in the middle of it all

The VinziRast restaurant "mittendrin" combines excellent cuisine and hospitality with an important social goal. Local chef Shahab Jahanbekloo leads a special team: formerly homeless people find permanent employment here and are supported in the kitchen and service by volunteers. The restaurant is part of the VinziRast-mittendrin house. The beautiful inner courtyard leads to the housing project and the premises of the VinziRast-Chance project.

The collaboration between VinziRast and Saint Charles

We, at Saint Charles, believe that every person is valuable in their uniqueness. That is why we are wholeheartedly happy to support VinziRast since November 2021. Several times a week, balanced meals from the VinziRast restaurant "mittendrin", which combine the best of Austrian and oriental cuisine, are delivered exclusively to the Saint Charles team. This is how we support our fellow human beings and the regional economy. We are not only convinced by the taste, but also by the good purpose of the VinziRast menu.

Fundraising campaign 2021: 1 € per sold "Make a wish come true" spray

In addition to the ongoing collaboration, we donated one euro of every "Make a wish come true" spray sold to the organisation in 2021. Our Saint Charles Christmas Spray was created in 2021 for those special moments during the Christmas season. We are also planning a similar campaign in 2022 for the Christmas season. Right to the Roots!

f.l.t.r.: Chairwoman Veronika Kerres, Spokeswoman Renate Hornstein.

We recommend with a clear conscience a visit to the VinziRast location mittendrin at Währinger Straße 19, 1090 Vienna. Do you have any questions? Then feel free to contact us at any time!

Cover picture: Ⓒ Martin Steiger
Picture of VinziRast-Lokal mittendrin interior: Ⓒ Katharina Kaiser

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