Qigong For You | Warum Qigong für Sie gut sein kann

Qigong For You | Why Qigong can be good for you

"That's the one with the silver Qigong balls in the hands, isn't it?"... I am often asked when I say that I teach Qigong. No, it isn't. It is indeed also about flexibility and suppleness, but not only of the fingers, but of the whole body.

Old traditional Chinese body art

Qigong is an ancient traditional Chinese body art. It unites our body, mind and inner awareness. It is about getting Qi, the energy that makes everything alive, to flow, increase and store in the body. We can achieve all this through mindful breathing, certain physical exercises and involvement of meridians and acupuncture points.

To feel one's own body, to enjoy breathing and to stop time for a few moments. We should cultivate this human potential in our daily lives just as we do with eating, drinking, resting and working. Qigong offers a way to experience our existence in a very pleasant, calm and fulfilling way.

Medical Qigong by Margarita Wagner

The Qigong method that Margarita Wagner teaches is called Daoyin Yangsheng Gong and falls under medical Qigong. It promotes health and improves the quality of life. There are thematic focuses in the rhythm of the seasons. These include health protection, liver, heart, spleen/stomach, lung, kidney, muscle and bone qigong.

In the Summer Semester (starting 24 February 2020) we will be looking at Liver Qigong. According to TCM, the liver and gallbladder belong to the wood element (five phases of transformation), which are particularly well supported and nourished in spring. After the calm of winter, the power of spring/wood is like a new beginning. It represents the creative energy that gives rise to growth. Everything begins to germinate, to sprout, we burst with new ideas and visions. Furthermore, the wood element is also attributed with planning, developing one's own potential, courage, assertiveness, full energy and motivation. If the element is imbalanced, it can lead to anger, rage, headaches, depression and much more.

Spring is just around the corner, everything is on the move. Now is the right time to nourish body, mind and soul, to be energetic and happy! More info about the Monday Morning Classes by Margarita Wagner can be found here.

Current: Qigong online class for newcomers

Now different times have come.... New challenges are there to take on and make the best of.

Thanks to our technology, it is possible to continue practising "together". If you don't know Qigong yet, now is a good moment to dive into the world of flowing Chinese health exercises. Margarita will be offering basic Qigong exercises from 6-7pm (while the crisis lasts) from Thursday 26/3/2020. Participants will meet virtually via Zoom (https://zoom.us/) via computer or mobile phone. With your own email address and password, you can log in from anywhere.

Margarita offers these lessons for a free donation. She is happy about every small to bigger donation :-).

Would you like to feel your own body together with Margarita, enjoy breathing and stop time for a few moments? Now that most of us are tied to our own four walls, this is your chance! If you are interested get in touch directly at:

Margarita Wagner 0650 34 36 794, Email: margarita.wagner@gmx.at

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