Make a wish come true  ...und können Wünsche wahr werden?

Make a wish come true ...and can wishes come true?

We have grown up with stories and fairy tales where dreams and wishes play a big role. Often protagonists in fairy tales had three wishes free, which were granted to him or her. The wishes of these characters have always triggered special feelings in our minds and a connection to our own personal dreams. Who would not like to be in the role of Sleeping Beauty or equipped with Aladdin's magic lamp. But our dreams and desires have also united nations and civil rights movements, as Martin Luther King demonstrated with his "I have a dream" speech. And who doesn't know it - the famous wish list for the Christ Child. Placed on the window sill, watched with excitement by children's eyes for days and tears of joy in their eyes, since miraculously disappeared one morning.

We live in times of great change

As a counter-trend to globalization and cosmopolitanism, a new form of nationalism is germinating in society. Representatives of the people are elected, which would have been unthinkable 10 years ago. Conspiracy theories are finding more and more followers, while social media with their filter mechanisms are dividing the population as never before. And as if global warming wasn't challenge enough for our entire species, we still have to contend with a worldwide pandemic.

A "more" in solidarity, a "more" in empathy

But we also feel a "more" in solidarity, a "more" in empathy. The desire for cohesion in one's own family, circle of friends, place of residence or country as a whole. We are also convinced that wishes as the origin of thoughts, words and one's own actions can move mountains. Therefore, we would like to encourage each other to have wishes and to express them. Positive wishes, beyond the material and consumption - wishes that lead our focus, away from the shadow, again and again into the light.

"Make a wish come true" initiative

With our "Make a wish come true" initiative, we want to focus on this positive mindfulness. Mindfulness towards your own wishes and dreams that make your heart shine.

From 02 December, we start with our "Make a wish come true" initiative in social media. There we give everyone interested the opportunity to share their personal wish. And as you immortalize your wishes here, you encourage others to do the same. We want to collect these wishes and thus show that by sharing our wishes we are creating something positive together. Selected wishes are published by us anonymously on our social media, so that we can achieve a positive sense of community even across borders.

What is your wish? We look forward to your contribution from 02 December on our Instagram channel.

Sincerely yours Alexander Ehrmann & Richard König.

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