Das Kreuz mit dem Kreuz oder: Selbsthilfe bei Problemen mit der Wirbelsäule

The cross with the cross or: Self-help for problems with the spine

Tuesday, 8.11. / 19:15Impulse Currents Theme Evening "Spine"

Everyone knows the feeling that worries are like stones in your stomach. Of course there is no stone, but you feel something. This is accumulated, blocked energy that cannot flow freely - like the water in a kinked garden hose. Just as this water builds up more and more pressure before the kink and at some point causes damage to the hose, more and more energy accumulates and at some point causes symptoms - you become ill.

IMPULSE STREAMING (or simply flowing) - specifically touching certain points on the body - gets energy flowing again and thus stimulates the body's own self-healing power. Harmony is created, the body regenerates on its own and well-being is increasingly restored.

THEME COURSES are an easy way to get quick and direct guidance on flowing for common issues and complaints. No previous flow experience is necessary to take part in a themed course. Participation is possible for everyone, whether you are affected yourself or someone from your family and circle of friends, but also if you are simply interested in the subject.

On the theme evenings you will learn simple, easy to remember and directly applicable grips. As flowing only involves gentle touch, you can use these grips on yourself as well as on other people completely risk-free and thus flow and support yourself.

8. November, 19:15 - 22:00

After a short introduction to impulse flowing, we will devote ourselves to the topic of SPINE COLUMN in a very practical way and learn and practise grips that are suitable for self-help as well as support for others with all kinds of spine problems.

(further dates/themes: 6 December: IMMUNE SYSTEM STRENGTHENING)

Saint Charles Complementary
Gumpendorfer Straße 22
1060 Wien

1 themed course > EUR 30,-
(incl.. Course materials)

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