Nächster Halt: "Saint Charles Apotheke"

Next stop: "Saint Charles Pharmacy

The Diversity Department of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce has set itself the goal of supporting diversity in Vienna. In the course of the event Night of Diversity, visitors are invited on various and unusual bus tours across Vienna. The tours, which started on 4 November 2015 at the Vienna State Opera, have been extended this year by no less than 2 buses.

A completely new approach to the topic of diversity was created by the Feine-Sinne-Bus. The barrier-free journey featured stops such as Equalizent, the qualification centre for deafness, Dialogue in the Dark, where lightlessness becomes a delightful adventure, and our Saint Charles Pharmacy with its guiding principle Ethical business with moral products. Pharmacist Mag. pharm. Ehrmann presented the pharmacy and gave an insight into the magisterial preparation of in-house products.

We would like to thank the Diversity Department of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce for the successful event and their efforts to present diversity and the extraordinary, away from the mainstream, to a broader audience.

A report, pictures and also a video can be found on the website of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce.

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