Bio Eichhase - Pilzpulverkapseln

Bio Eichhase - Pilzpulverkapseln

Polyporus umbellatus

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The Eichhase mushroom powder contains all the ingredients of Polyporus umbellatus in its natural concentration and composition. After harvesting, the squirrel mushrooms are gently dried (at below 35°C) and then ground to ultrafine size. This grinding technique is also known as the "shellbroken process". This means that the cell walls are broken open when the mushrooms are ground. This is necessary because mushrooms have very hard cell walls which consist of chitin which cannot be processed by the human body. That is why this shellbroken staining is important so that the body can absorb the contents of the fungus. If you use fungal powder, you will get the full spectrum of the Polyporus umbellatus
300 mg organic mushroom extract, 95 mg vegetable cellulose capsule
Take 2 times a day 2 capsules unchewed with water.


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