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Rotkohl Microgreens Saatpads

Aromatic & sweet aroma

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Heimgart seed pads in red cabbage are certified according to the EU-BIO regulation (DE-ÖKO-070) and free of preservatives.

Heimgart Microgreens seed pads are made exclusively from natural fibres and a natural binder as well as seeds in organic quality. The components are free of additives, compostable and are produced in cooperation with the DRK workshops for the disabled in Potsdam.

Harvest yields

  • The average yield of Heimgart red cabbage seed pads is 25 grams per pad. A porcelain germinal filled with two red cabbage pads yields an average of 50 grams.

Nutritional values

  • Red cabbage Microgreens contain 6 times more vitamin C and 69 times more vitamin K than full-grown red cabbage.
Red cabbage seed pads
Always store the Microgreens seed pads in a dry and cool place. Direct sunlight should be avoided. The red cabbage seed pads can be composted or used in the organic waste can be disposed of. Consumption advice: As Heimgart Microgreens are young seedlings and not sprouts, they are only suitable for consumption above the roots.

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