Tee Bio N°18 - Make a wish come true
Tee N°18 - Make a wish come true

Tee N°18 - Make a wish come true

Gives warmth and security

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Winter tea with beguiling notes of cardamom fruit and lime tree flowers, blended with black tea and cinnamon bark. Ideal for long winter evenings, lends warmth and security. Delivered in an elegant glass container, to decorate any kitchen and is also perfect as a gift.

Black Tea Assam*, Cardamom without shell*, Lime Tree flowers*, Cinnamon cassia bark* * from controlled organic cultivation
Pour 1-2 teaspoons with boiling water. Cover and leave to infuse for 10 minutes.
Adjustments to the recipe can lead to deviations in the composition stated here - the current composition can always be found on the label.






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