Right to the Roots

Our roots and traditional European medicine (TEM)

SAINT CHARLES relies on tradition and the ancient knowledge passed down and made sacrosanct by our grandmothers and combined with current and modern insights. According to Paracelsus, a herb exists for every illness and every good health, and all this right in front of our noses. Right to the roots.

Quality instead of quantity

Our goal is not “more”, but “better”! “Better” for us means ethical business practises with moral and honest products. We perceive changing things for the better to be our given task, both every day and far into the future, both with our customers and also in our environment.


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We want to make our contribution to bringing nature closer to nature as a remedy. Sustainable management and social responsibility are more important to us than growth and profit.
We rely on Traditional European Medicine. The nature that surrounds us provides a rich treasure of remedies. We only have to re-discover it and relate it to modern knowledge.
The promotion of local partner companies is a matter of course for us. Our products are carefully developed in our pharmacy and checked by people.