The Naturhotel Forsthofgut at the bottom of the Leoganger Steinberge is characterized by several awards, a highly-motivated team and a closeness to nature. With this unique concept, the innovative family resort is known far beyond the country’s borders. As already mentioned in previous articles, the Naturhotel Forsthofgut also relies on our Saint Charles natural cosmetics series Privatmischung and offers these exclusively in the rooms of the hotel to its guests.

When the Forsthofgut invited us in spring 2018 to support the conversion of the new bar, we did not hesitate to respond to the call to the Salzburg mountains. The idea: THE BOTANIST – a bar that combines traditional elements of a pharmacy with modern design. To give the bar even more authenticity, more emphasis was to be placed on natural and regional ingredients as well as the active ingredients in herbal medicine. A philosophy that could not be better suited to Saint Charles….

Unique bar experience of a special kind

The BOTANIST bar opened June 2018 – and will amaze you! The neatly lined up bottles, hand labeled drawers, an old pharmacy scale in between, which decorates the counter, and not to forget bar chef Tom in the “pharmacist look” when preparing the herbal cocktails, contribute to this special bar experience in a unique way.

Inspired by natural pharmacies of past times, the return to the original and natural should not be missing. Local herbs have always had a beneficial and health-promoting effect on body and mind. Together with the Naturhotel Forsthofgut, new mixtures were created from herbs and herbal products, which bar chef Tom and his team mix for each guest individually. These include an anti-stress cocktail containing hemp CBD drops or a drink to support the immune system with masterwort. According to the motto “an herb has grown for everyone” every guest will find his personal nature cocktail here. Those who then get a taste for the cocktails can also explore the fresh herbs from the surrounding nature on one of the herbal hikes through the hotel’s own forest and garden.

Starting in autumn: Saint Charles Tonicum Shots

Starting in autumn, the Naturhotel Forsthofgut will exclusively offer the new Saint Charles Tonikum Shots, which contain a bundle of plant power for strengthening, calming, regenerating or digestion. We are pleased to accompany the Forsthofgut in the implementation and development of the Bar BOTANIST. And of course, many more “g´sunde” creations from the plant world.