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Linseed is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the history of man and has been rediscovered of late due to its high omega-3 fatty acid content, as a vegan and regional omega-3 source. With the new Saint Charles Fresh, Cold-Pressed Linseed Oil Concept, we are offering freshly pressed linseed oil of a very high quality, monthly. The requirements of this product are certified organic and an especially cold and gentle extraction. Transparency from cultivation right up to extraction and bottling are of great importance to us.


Leinöl Mühle innen


Saint Charles fresh and organic linseed oil is exclusively, freshly and gently pressed for Saint Charles, according to established standards. The pressing takes place in the last week of every month so that it is available from the first day of the next month for our customers at Saint Charles. As the linseed oil may possibly be out of stock after 1-2 weeks, we also offer the possibility of a pre-reservation (online or in the pharmacy).



RegionalLeinöl Acker

Saint Charles fresh and organic, cold-pressed linseed oil is made from certified organic cultivation from the Lower Austrian Weinviertel, in the Manhartsberges region near Eggenburg. Just a few kilometres away in his 460-year-old, self-restored oil mill the linseed is very gently pressed to preserve its valuable ingredients, by the organic entrepreneur, Georg Gilli. The bottling and refrigerated storage process then happens only one hour car drive away at Saint Charles.



Leinöl Mühle Gilli


Saint Charles fresh and organic, cold-pressed linseed oil therefore passes through only a few hands, where the love of the product as well as the production itself are reflected in the finished article. Linseed oil, with its high omega-3 content, helps treat civilisation diseases and supports the trend towards less animal products. Its positive effects on the heart, brain and nervous system have been proven by numerous studies. Linseed oil can therefore play a significant role in healing or health care. For the packaging, sustainability is of utmost importance to us and we use a traditional pharmacy glass bottle. No over-packaging.

Tastes healthy

The Saint Charles fresh and organic, cold-pressed linseed oil has a very pleasant, mild taste with light notes of nut and hay, perfect for muesli, yoghurt, in a smoothie, poured over dishes or just pure. In linseed cultivation areas linseed is traditionally eaten with potatoes and curd or quark. Our recommendation is 1-2 tablespoons a day.

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