Ecological. Sustainable. Fair. These three keywords describe the demands we face every day. Sustainability, protection of the environment and fair business practices have been a concern of pharmacist Alexander Ehrmann and managing director Richard König for quite some time. We have been pursuing this strategy since the founding of Saint Charles, which has also had a major influence on product development. Regional herbal medicine products should be packaged in an environmentally friendly way and achieve an optimal effect through high quality and freshness. This led to our first premise.

Environmentally friendly product design

Our Saint Charles products often consist of 100% natural organic ingredients, without any additives. In order to guarantee the shelf life, high-quality packaging is required. That’s why we use brown or violet glass bottles for over 90 percent of our products. It is our aim not to let any plastic get on our products. This is because plastic or PET bottles often contain plasticisers and other toxins that may interact with natural ingredients. A big advantage of our products: Glass is up to 100 percent recyclable.

The elimination of unnecessary cardboard boxes

A courageous step, which was not always easy to implement, is the renunciation of overcartons for our own brand. Legal labels and information for our customers often have to be arranged in a small space. Practice shows us that a minimalist, but high-quality packaging with brown or violet glass, without overcartons is also possible and is appreciated by our customers.

Plastic-free shipping and environmentally friendly website

Plastikfreier Versand

If products are shipped, they must be padded and packed accordingly. Since 2018, we have also taken an important step towards waste avoidance in the dispatch of our online shop. New logistics and thus more space for products, but also new innovative packaging machines, enabled us to implement our plan for “plastic-free packaging”. We now pack entirely with recycled paper and do not use plastic for fillers or inserts to 100 percent. Not only in shipping we try to think sustainable, our web systems are operated in German data centers of the company Hetzner (Gunzenhausen, Germany). This company operates its systems exclusively with electricity from renewable energies.

Fair and ethical business

The Saint Charles Team with its employees in Vienna and Berlin is diverse, modern and tradition-conscious at the same time, thus reflecting our ethical corporate culture. The intensive contact with Traditional European Medicine and Naturopathy connects us all. Diversity, cosmopolitanism and democracy help us to bring people closer together, regardless of their origins and beliefs. Our approach “no more, but better” is not only our guiding principle, but above all means responsible business practices for us, in that we not only “avoid”, but actively “contribute”. With commitment, passion and great partners who support us in our actions and way of thinking.

We are convinced that our philosophy and our products can have a positive effect. Transparency, the reduction to the essential, coupled with high-quality and sustainable products, will continue to determine our actions in the future. That’s Saint Impact. Ecological. Sustainable. Fair.