Good things take time, this also applies to many inspirations. The impulse for something new came from pharmacist Alexander Ehrmann on a tour through New York’s China Town. There he found a “pharmacy” that turned out to be a bar on closer inspection. With very short opening hours and full to the brim with people. However, the barkeepers did not offer the guests a classic bar menu, but inquired about the respective wishes of the customers. The wishes were not whisky brands, cocktails or long drinks, but rather physical or mental needs. Whether invigorating, strengthening concentration, calming or against headaches, the bartenders neatly noted down terms on recipe sheets and disappeared. They came back with drinks containing a selection of different herbs. Drinks made from carefully selected herbs, small amounts, but with concentrated plant power. So a pharmacy after all?

A few years were to pass before this impulse sprouted up again in Pharmacist Ehrmann. According to the motto “not more, but better” tradition should be resorted to, but at the same time something modern, regional and above all effective should develop. What would be better suited than the heroes of the local plant world who grow in front of our front door? And partners who share this passion with us and support us with their know-how. Hubert Peter and Michael Andert were just as passionate. An award-winning barkeeper who focuses on natural drinks and approaches and an organic demeter winegrower and herbalist with a lot of experience in the gentle treatment of nature. The Apotheker Tonikums were born!

We are the 4 Apotheker-Tonikums | Power packs of the plant world

Apotheker Tonikum Energizer: Some say Shot to me – because with the selected plant heroes boarwort, chickweed and rue – I immediately give you an extra portion of energy. I’ll give you stamina when you’re having a breakdown. As a true bundle of power, I also contain 20 other regional herbs from wild collection. I concentrate entirely on you – in just one tonic shot.

Apotheker Tonikum Relax: I consist of lemon balm, hops and silver fir – we belong together – and with that we not only taste extremely good, but also help you when you urgently need rest. Combined with 20 regional herbs from the wine-growing region and macerated into compact tonicas – perfect for stressful times or simply to relax before going to sleep.

Apotheker Tonikum Digestive: My origin is wild, unplanned and grows wherever it pleases. Many call me a weed because I am extremely adaptable, others see me as the hero of the plant world. Besides 20 regional herbs I consist of dandelion, rhubarb and juniper. This makes me extremely important for purification, as I help with digestion and ensure well-being.

Apotheker Tonikum Hangover: With my natural power from gentian, bloodwort and masterwort I not only protect myself, but also you, after excessive enjoyment, from an evil hangover. I will help you the morning after, when you are not well, to get going again successfully. You can enjoy me as a pure shot, or pour mineral water over me.

We are Relax – Energizer – Digestive & Hangover Pharmacist-Shots. Herbal spirits produced by maceration with rosé wine according to a traditional pharmacist recipe. We can also be enjoyed as an addition to drinks and sparkling wine. Now available. Only in the Saint Charles Apotheke Vienna, in the Onlineshop and at selected hotel partners in Austria (e.g. in the Botanist Bar in the Naturhotel Forsthofgut).