Can a soap become a cult object? Can an epidemic create something new or better? We proved it to be true, unintentionally, and were amazed! However, first thing’s first.

How flu changed our lives

In 2005 bird flu reached its peak in Austria. Panic spread across the population and flocks of people stormed the pharmacies in search of an effective means to fight the dangerous flu. As the virus is easily transferrable by touch, pharmacist Alexander Ehrmann came up with the idea of creating his own soap with strong disinfectant components, that would naturally combat germs. Up until then, disinfectant soaps were mostly chemical and known mainly as “doctor’s soap”. Alexander Ehrmann wanted to create his own, absolutely natural product for the Saint Charles Pharmacy and, once again, pursued his passion for developing highly effective, natural products for everyday life. This is how the SAINT CHARLES Apothekerseife was born.

Disinfect with nature

Whilst searching for natural substances with germ-destroying potential, various herbs were analysed for their effect. From the most effective of these arose a unique mixture. Thyme and clove essential oils play a central role. Studies show that these oils are capable of neutralising a broad spectrum of bacteria in a short time. There are hospitals which use this range of essential oils to disinfect rooms or wounds, or to effectively fight MRSA infections. A reflection on the power and complexity of nature, which is able to successfully compete against equally complex bacterial strains. Plants that have survived millions of years via adaptation.

It has now been some time since the bird flu and the awareness for the need for disinfectant agents to protect against bacteria is still present in our minds. Only through frequent handwashing and regular disinfection of hands and rooms can we be prepared against the prevention of dangerous bacterial strains.

Can it all be coincidence?

The smell? It was created by accident. The combination of moisturising, fresh Aloe vera organic juice and organic, essential oils such as thyme and clove, led to a unique fragrance experience. A few years later the refinement of the natural scents came about via the Viennese perfumer, Lederhaas, who gave the soap his expert, finishing touch.

The end of the story?

It wasn’t long before the Apothekerseife, as a hand and face soap, became the most popular product in our pharmacies in Vienna and Berlin. Soon it was also discovered by our friends outside the pharmacy. Today the soap has become indispensable and can be found in the washrooms of selected restaurants, such as Eselböck’s Taubenkobel, at Joseph Brot or in many other hip Viennese locations such as Mochi, EF16 or UNGER und KLEIN. It also looks to the future…for example in architectural offices, advertising agencies or medical practices…or in Deantnerin – a ski hut of exceptional class on the Hochkönig – where our down-to-earth Apothekerseife feels quite at home. We are certain that this is by no means the end of the story.

As well as the Apothekerseife there is also a Apothekerspray. This natural scent and disinfectant spray can be used as a room spray and as a refresher spray in the handbags of many a lady. Natural, refreshing scent, paired with natural, cleansing substances. What could win over the world of women more..?

The Apothekerseife and Apothekerspray are available in different sizes from selected partners and in the Saint Charles Pharmacy in Vienna and Berlin, as well as in the Saint Charles premium online store.