Aloepur Sparpack - 3 Flaschen

Aloepur Sparpack - 3 Flaschen

100 % pure aloe vera juice

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The power of aloe vera 
The pure juice of the aloe vera plant has been used in many cultures for centuries, treasured as a natural remedy which improves overall well-being.

Home cultivation and processing 
Santaverde products contain their self-cultivated, pure aloe vera juice, which comes directly from crops in Andalusia. Santaverde has been cultivating organic aloe vera in the mild climes of southernmost Europe for over 30 years, harvesting leaves with an average minimum content of 1.200 mg Aloverose per liter. The reason for this lies in the consistent organic cultivation, the enduring soil maintenance and the strict selection of fresh leaf fillets during processing. Santaverde monitors the purity and quality of their products from the plants’ cultivation until the juice has been bottled and is ready to drink.

100% pure aloe vera juice from our own certified organic plantation.
Drink 50 ml aloepur, either undiluted or mixed with good quality mineral water or fruit juice, daily before breakfast. The daily recommended amount of 50 ml may be doubled or tripled as required. Taking this juice should go along with a varied and balanced diet and a healthy way of life.

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