Gartenkresse Microgreens Saatpads
Gartenkresse Microgreens Saatpads

Gartenkresse Microgreens Saatpads

Wonderfully piquant and refreshingly hot

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Garden cress microgreens have, among other things, a high content of vitamins B and C as well as iron, calcium and folic acid and are therefore real superfood. With their nutty, spicy taste, the seedlings are ideal for spicing up bread, smoothie, salad, soup and the like in terms of taste and decoration.

With the Heimgart propagation system you can grow garden cress microgreens without a garden, balcony or green thumb. All you need to grow the microgreens is the porcelain bowl, the stainless steel insert from the Heimgart Starter Kit, two seed pads and a few minutes of your time, and you can start your kitchen garden project.

First of all, fill the porcelain bowl with water up to the mark. Then place two garden cress seed pads on the stainless steel insert and place it in the bowl. Finally, cover the cress seed pads with the two covers so that the seeds are dark and a pleasant microclimate is created for the plants. The best thing is that with Heimgart, no additional watering or watering is necessary. Once the porcelain tray is filled with water up to the mark, even watering is ensured throughout the entire growing season. Once the two seed pads for garden cress microgreens have been placed in the Heimgart porcelain bowl according to the instructions, it only takes about 7 days until culinary enjoyment.

The bio-certified seed pads for garden cress microgreens consist of a natural fibre fleece on which the seeds are already pre-positioned with a natural binder. If seeds should come loose when unpacking the pad, that's no problem: just spread them on the seed pad before covering it with the cultivation covers.

Garden Cress seed pads
Harvest and enjoy the fully grown microgreens within a few days. Since they are young seedlings and not sprouts, consume above the root.
Store the seed pads in a cool and dry place. Please avoid direct sunlight. The cress seed pads can be composted after use or disposed of in organic waste.

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