Mein Rauhnacht-Begleiter

Mein Rauhnacht-Begleiter

A lightful companion through the 12 holy nights

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The rough nights - these are 12 holy nights between the years, which stand for the coming 12 months and give us insight into the network of life. It is a very personal time in which we go within ourselves, say goodbye to the old year and open ourselves to the events of the new year.
Together with Jeanne Ruland you can now consciously create this most beautiful time of the year - with rituals, blessings, incenses and oracles. This Rauhnacht-Begleiter offers much place to you for own notes, thoughts, visions and dreams. This gives you the opportunity month after month to look back and compare the events of the Rauhnacht with those of the new year.

Expect miracles!






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