Nagellack Dial M For Maroon

Nagellack Dial M For Maroon


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Yearning for something with as much versatility as a classic neutral, yet exudes a little more attitude? Your search is over. This rich, warm maroon adds a little depth to your style and is simply suberb on short, square nails or against paler skin tones.

Die speziell entwickelte, leicht zu handhabende Formel lässt sich besonders leicht auftragen. Schützen Sie die Farbe mit einer abschließenden Schicht des Shine & Breathe Top Coats und färben Sie damit Ihre Nägel gesund!

Die luxuriösen, mehrfach preisgekrönten und giftfreien L'Oxygéné-Lacke nehmen Rücksicht auf die Gesundheit Ihrer Nägel und verwenden eine patentierte Technologie, um eine gesündere Maniküre zu ermöglichen.

Nailberry ist:

  • Atmungsaktiv
  • Wasserdurchlässig
  • Vegan
  • Glutenfrei
Wash your hands then moisten a lint-free cotton pad with nail polish remover and sweep over your nails to remove lingering varnish, oils and impurities. File and buff your nails to smooth any uneven areas and achieve your desired length, then apply one coat of Strengthen & Breathe Base Coat – the fortified yet breathable formula to help strengthen the nail. Apply one thin coat of your chosen Nailberry polish, using a wide, tapered brush to flawlessly coat your nail from base to tip. Work on both hands to allow each layer to dry. Follow with a second thin coat, ensuring a vivid, professional-quality finish to each nail. Allow to air dry. Prolong wear, prevent fading and deliver outstanding shine with a final layer of the revolutionary and breathable Shine & Breathe Top Coat.

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