Saint Charles Retreat in Prigglitz

The Saint Charles Refuge is not only one of the most historically interesting farms in the Semmering area, but also probably one of the most beautiful. The oldest building components date back to the 18th century and are – due to their labyrinthine heritage – completely genuine.

In and around the forests, fields and meadows surrounding Prigglitz are many herbs and plants that have been our inspiration for the specialties we are able to offer you at the Saint Charles Pharmacy.

This paradisiacal landscape is not only a central point of our core business – the healing powers of local herbs and plants – but also a retreat for the Saint Charles family, where so many ideas have already come to fruition. Moreover, it is a place for social projects.

In cooperation with the Tralalobe Association, unaccompanied, underage refugees are given the opportunity to go on one-week holiday camps and experience an unfettered break from the constraints of everyday life surrounded by nature.
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SaintCharles Refugium Prigglitz