Löwenzahn - Die Heilwirkung des Unkrauts

Dandelion - The healing properties of the weed

No other plant is as underestimated and dismissed as common as the dandelion. Quite wrongly, because the composite plant, which is widespread on all continents, is today considered one of the most important detoxifying plants. The fact that it can be found everywhere is not a sign of banality, but of enormous adaptability. Dandelions can grow in any soil. With its strong taproot and vigorous growth, it can even break up asphalt - and regenerate the soil underneath. It follows people right to their front door, they say. So it is not surprising that the ubiquitous "soil healer" attracted the attention of folk doctors early on. At first, it was the yellow colour of the flowers that suggested a possible mode of action. The bitter taste of all parts of the plant also suggested a connection to the liver. And indeed: dandelion achieved the desired success in the treatment of jaundice - a liver disease. But dandelion also provides more energy and an improved sense of well-being for healthy people. If the liver is supported in its detoxification function, we do not feel tired and exhausted so quickly. In general, the yellow Jupiter plant is recommended for all physical and mental states of "non-flow". For example, dandelion also ensures better blood circulation in the connective tissue.

The supposed weed detoxifies

"For liver sufferers, the dandelion is highly recommended", Sebastian Kneipp.

As a so-called repair plant, dandelion is considered a universal cleanser for the abdominal organs. With the bitter substances contained in the roots, the taraxins, it stimulates the liver to produce bile and the gall bladder to empty. If more bile flows, the pancreas and stomach are also stimulated to increase the production of their juices. This not only detoxifies the liver, but improves digestion as a whole. At the same time, dandelion stimulates the appetite, purifies the blood and is diuretic. Especially the latter properties earned it its unflattering nicknames. The French "Pissenlit", for example, which translates as "Get into bed", is also found in the German equivalent Bettseicher or Seichkraut. The name dandelion, which alludes to the serrated leaves, is also found in many European languages. It is unclear whether the Latin name Taraxacum actually comes from the Greek "taraxis" for inflammation of the eyes and "akeomei" for "I heal" or whether it was originally just an Arabic name for "bitter herb". Today, dandelion has gained an important field of application: the elimination of waste products and environmental toxins.

Cleansing spring cure

In spring, you see the cheerful "sun swirls" everywhere. Unlike in autumn, when inulin, which is important for diabetics, is highly concentrated in dandelions, they are now bursting with bitter substances that promote metabolism. In spring, the liver also unfolds its greatest functional power and ensures that all winter waste products can be broken down. This is why spring cures with dandelion are particularly effective, because they support the liver and thus also banish spring fatigue. Thanks to its gallbladder-boosting effect, dandelion can even mitigate the onset of liver cirrhosis. According to the theory of signatures, in which the white milky juice of the dandelion stem is assigned to the lymph, it activates the lymph as well as all other excretory pathways - such as the pancreas, kidneys and skin - and thus removes not only waste products but also drug residues and pesticides. Dandelion can therefore be very helpful after treatment with antibiotics or after immune diseases. If a dandelion cure is carried out annually in spring and autumn, the risk of gallstone formation is also reduced. Dandelion also helps with metabolic disorders such as gout. Last but not least, the often underestimated plant can also be used effectively for complaints such as bloating or flatulence.

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