Do you love herbs? We do.

In our Saint Charles mono-brand stores, the focus lies on the experience: immerse yourself in a place of well-being, herbal healing and enjoyment that appeals to all the senses and makes products from nature a real shopping experience.

What can you expect there?

Around 300 Saint Charles products from the areas of natural cosmetics, aromatherapy and nutritional supplements will be presented on site for you to smell, taste and feel. As with the design, the focus lies on reducing the products to the essentials. Instead of plastic and packaging waste, the focus is on noble and sustainable brown or violet glass, not least to protect the products in the best possible way.

Our passion for design and regional craftsmanship is reflected in the entire store design. Aromatherapy products, herbal teas and natural cosmetics can be tested at various stations. Massive wooden cubes offer a journey for all the senses and a soothing break from hectic everyday life. A central washbasin invites you to intensively test the cosmetic products. 

"Award Winning Design": In 2020, our store in Vienna was awarded the BigSEE Interior Design Award 2020.2021 was followed by German Design Award Special 2022, Special Mention Excellent Architecture & Retail Architecture.



Store Vienna

In 2019, we opened our first Saint Charles Brand Store in the centre of Vienna. The focus is not on size, but on experience.

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Store Salzburg

In the summer of 2022, we had the pleasure of opening our first Saint Charles store in the heart of Salzburg's beautiful old town.

visit the store Salzburg

Become a partner

We are looking for committed partners who share our vision and want to open a Saint Charles Experience Store together with us.



Wir suchen nach engagierten Partner*innen, die unsere Vision teilen und gemeinsam mit uns einen Saint Charles Experience Store eröffnen wollen.

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