Lighthouses of the future

We are proud to be a B Corp certified company. This award is an international certificate that underlines our commitment to social and environmental responsibility and compliance with high standards.

What is B Corp?

The name “B Corp” stands for “Benefit for all” and “Corporation”. This means that as a company we want to create added value for society and the environment.

Since we were founded, our focus has been on having a positive impact on society and the environment through our daily activities to achieve. As a certified B Corp company, we are part of a global movement committed to an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy.

B Corp certification includes a thorough assessment of our business practices , including environmental performance, employee treatment, transparency and community engagement. It is a holistic certificate that applies to the entire company and confirms compliance with high standards.

our mission

We are part of a bigger whole. As part of a whole, we want to make a difference for the better. With the B Corp certification, we set ourselves high standards in order to constantly improve and challenge ourselves.

Wellbeing & Health

The holistic well-being and health of people is our mission. Inextricably linked to nature, we have been intensively involved in naturopathy since our founding.


For us, sustainability doesn’t just mean avoiding or reducing, but rather making a real positive contribution. Not more, but better is part of our DNA.


When dealing with our employees, partners and customers, we stand for respectful, fair treatment, variety and diversity. We connect generations and cultures.

"We want to build lighthouses with innovative products, sustainable solutions and passionate partners and employees. Lighthouses of the future. For the sake of our children and nature."

Alexander Ehrmann & Richard König
Founder Saint Charles Apothecary