Hello to Switzerland

Saint Charles has had a friendship with Switzerland for many years. Many customers visited us again and again in the Saint Charles pharmacy in Vienna and for the past 5 years, loyal Swiss customers have been buying from our online shop. Due to the increasing demand, we decided to serve our customers locally with even more local colour. Since 2021, we have a personal local representative in Stefanie Pitzinger, an experienced and committed entrepreneur. Stefanie Pitzinger not only supports our commercial customers, but also the development of further Saint Charles stores and our own web shop with local logistics (planned 2021).

In a proven manner, we are looking for like-minded people in the form of innovative and specialised resellers, concept stores, pharmacies, aromatherapists, yoga studios, restaurants, hotels and many more with a love of natural healing.

Contact details: Representation Switzerland

Stefanie Pitzinger
Fioraweg 7
6005 St. Niklausen-Lucerne