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Saint Charles GOES JAPAN

Taro Tsukamoto, author of Vienna travel books and owner of the Austrian-German vintage guide "Markets" in Japan, first met Saint Charles during his trip to Vienna in the washroom of Joseph Brot. The simply designed label and the herbal scent immediately caught his attention and led him to the Saint Charles Pharmacy, where the amber glass bottles are beautifully lined up on the antique shelves dating back to 1886. He learned that all the products are carefully made with only natural ingredients. This gave him the idea that the Saint Charles brand was perfect not only for two pages of his book, but for his future business partner.

Riddle Design Bank

A small design studio in Torigoe, Tokyo. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, their business is not only about simple design, but also includes brand management, event organisation, import/export and retail. With Saint Charles as a partner, Riddle Design Bank is passionate about sharing Traditional European Medicine with Japanese people who are looking for a new approach to caring for their body and mind.


Riddle Design Bank
2-5-1 Torigoe, Taito, Tokio, Japan 111-0054