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Michaela Dengler-Würzburg
T: +49 172 99 28 244

Mag. Daniela Prasch

Saint Charles Organics GmbH
Esterhazygasse 11
A-1060 Wien


Press voices

In Vienna a group of friends with a passion for botany and herbal medicine are championing the use of local plants in everything from massage oil to health food and have created a collection of well-designed and thriving businesses.

Monocle Magazin

From a neighbourhood pharmacy to the world: Alexander Ehrmann is expanding to New York and Tokyo with the Saint Charles Group's natural cosmetics and has a soft spot for creative collaborations.

Die Presse

The sixth-generation family-run business relies on a holistic concept of classic pharmacy and cosmetics shop, and is so unexcitingly hip that we just want to keep coming back.


While trendy cosmetics brands are now bottling their products in pharmacy bottles, Saint Charles offers the original. Here, individual products for physical and external well-being are lined up one after the other.


Wellness hotspot: A Viennese pharmacy is considered a top address for cosmetics and design fans.... My planned flying visit turned into immersion in a world of experience in which I forgot time and space.


Apothecary soap is an absolute classic for me that works, doesn't dry out my hands and just smells so incredibly wonderful.