Our Roots


Here you can read more about our philosophy, why our DNA is firmly anchored in traditional European medicine and why innovation plays a decisive role in this.

The Ehrmann family of pharmacists has been developing a wide range of house specialities for decades. These are based on the use of natural ingredients and were available exclusively in our pharmacy until 2008. Through intensive involvement with Traditional European Medicine, a wide range of products has gradually emerged over the decades, all under the sign of our motto "Right to the Roots".


"Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the passing on of the fire" (Thomas More). If "back to the roots" means that one should focus on old, proven things, then we can only emphasize this in relation to our natural resources. With one exception: With Saint Charles, we do not want to cling to the old, but rather to what has proven itself. To combine this with modern and new knowledge in such a way that something new and better can emerge.


Our own products are based on the holistic teachings of Traditional European Medicine, which sees illness as a lost balance, due to physical and mental causes. The origins of TEM lie in both natural and spiritual science. Healing and also self-healing occurred through an interaction with one's own nature. Maintenance and revival of healthy balance is done through nutrition, good lifestyle, in combination with natural remedies. 

In TEM, the focus is not only on a single organ, but on the entire body system. The teaching concentrates knowledge and methods from a wide variety of health cultures from all over the world, including TCM and Ayurveda, and adapts them specifically for the needs of European DNA and the abilities of herbs and plants grown in Europe. 

This makes TEM an extremely effective complement to conventional medicine. Saint Charles, with this science and philosophy, is also a pharmacy for healthy people who want to take responsibility for their own health and nurture and maintain their well-being.