Magnesiumöl und die Aufnahme über die Haut

Magnesium oil and absorption through the skin

With the external, so-called transdermal magnesium application (magnesium absorption through the skin), a new chapter of magnesium substitution is being opened. On the one hand, it is similarly easy to handle as the oral intake of magnesium, but the effect is more reliable and higher. The big advantage is that the gastrointestinal tract is bypassed and the magnesium can be applied directly at the site of action, thus achieving an acute effect. All absorption problems in the intestine as well as dose-dependent side effects are no longer necessary with transdermal application.

Just a few years ago, the transdermal application of magnesium was considered an insider tip among top athletes, but it is now becoming increasingly popular for daily magnesium supplementation. The domain of magnesium oil or gel is the direct treatment of muscular problems such as muscle cramps, sore muscles, tension, restless legs and the like. No wonder that this form of application is especially appreciated by athletes and people who suffer from muscle cramps, but also in cases of increased stress or sleeping problems. The magnesium solution is called "Magnesium Oil" because it feels oily, but is not an oil in the actual sense.

The benefits of magnesium oil

  • No absorption problems in the gastrointestinal tract
  • Dosage possible according to individual needs
  • Free from dose-related side effects (such as diarrhoea)
  • Fast efficacy
  • Direct application to problem areas possible
  • Ideal for athletes to treat problem areas directly

Zechstein Magnesium

Saint Charles relies on Zechstein Magnesium for magnesium oil. The sediments of the former Zechstein Sea are considered the world's purest and highest quality natural source of magnesium chloride. The Zechstein Sea stretched from northern England through Germany to Russia and has stored magnesium chloride there for millions of years, protected from environmental pollution. Zechstein magnesium oil is extracted from around 1800 metres to the surface and continuously subjected to quality control. Due to its exceptional purity, magnesium oil, gel or flakes are used in the health and wellness sector without the use of additives.

Further studies and information on the topic

Magnesium Health Institute - Studies on transdermal magnesium absorption

Richard Danel MD Magnesium Health Institute

Zechstein Magnesiumoil information page

Book tips on magnesium oil and external use

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