Schwarzkümmelöl – natürliche Hilfe bei Heuschnupfen & Allergien

Black cumin oil - natural help for hay fever & allergies

The sprouting and blossoming of plants in many places is not always a source of joy. Allergy sufferers often suffer from runny noses, watery and burning eyes, sneezing and physical weakness. It is not only worthwhile for those affected to take a closer look at a spice and medicinal plant that originates from the Orient: black cumin.

Black cumin (lat. Nigella sativa), a knee-high plant of the buttercup genus, contains valuable seeds with over 100 highly effective and health-promoting ingredients in poppy-like capsules. The seeds, which smell like parsley when crushed and have a pungent, aromatic taste, are traditionally sprinkled on flatbreads in the Orient. But it is above all the oil cold-pressed from the seeds with its valuable ingredients that has unfolded its fascinating effect as a universal remedy for thousands of years.

The effect of black cumin oil on allergies

The personal physicians of the pharaohs were already aware of the effect of black cumin oil and used it primarily for inflammations and hypersensitivities, which we would probably call allergies today. In the burial chamber of the pharaoh Tutankhamun, a bottle of the finest black cumin oil was found as a supplement for life after death.

The fatty oil with the Latin name "Nigella Sativa" essentially consists of a variety of unsaturated fatty acids, essential oils, essential amino acids as well as vitamins and minerals. Among the unsaturated fatty acids, gamma-linoleic acid is found above all, which as an essential ingredient can only be supplied through food and has a regulating effect on the immune system. This can significantly reduce and often neutralise allergic overreactions, which can manifest themselves as runny nose, burning eyes, hay fever or fatigue, for example. The essential oils contained in black cumin oil calm and clear the upper airways in the case of respiratory infections and allergies. The antioxidant, disinfectant and antifungal effects of the oil are also attributed to these ingredients.

Hundreds of scientific studies have now looked at the efficacy of black cumin oil. Taken together, all these studies prove exactly what Near Eastern and North African cultures have known for thousands of years - that black cumin is an extremely effective panacea. Apart from its use in allergies, the spectrum of black cumin used in naturopathy ranges from digestive problems to high blood pressure, sleep disorders and headaches. Linoleic acid is also considered a regular component of human skin, which is why black seed oil can also be used very well for skin damage and chronic skin problems.

Black cumin oil as a popular natural remedy

Black seed oil in the form of capsules or in bottles is the most popular natural remedy for hay fever and allergies among our customers in times of heavy pollen exposure. We recommend starting to take black seed oil a few weeks before allergy season. This can be done in the form of capsules, where the recommended intake is 2 capsules per day, or 1-2 tablespoons of black cumin oil straight from the bottle. The oil is also ideal for breakfast directly on yoghurt.

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