Santaverde – 100 % natürliche, hochwirksame Aloe Vera Kosmetik

Santaverde - 100 % natural, highly effective aloe vera cosmetics

With a special recipe principle, the focus on the highest quality of raw materials and responsible action, Santaverde has been successful for 30 years. "Only the high biological quality of the ingredients determines the effectiveness of a product on the skin and on the entire organism."With this guiding principle, Sabine Beer began 30 years ago to cultivate medicinal plants on her finca in Andalusia. She decided on the ancient medicinal plant Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller, an exotic plant from hot regions.

The uniquely intensive composition of active ingredients in aloe vera

The moisturising, regenerating and healing power of aloe vera has been known in folk medicine for thousands of years. The secret of its effect lies in the holistic interaction of the over 200 valuable ingredients it contains. The pure juice from the inside of the leaf, the aloe vera gel, is a powerful complex of active ingredients. It supports the natural process of constant regeneration and is a great reservoir of nutrients for young skin cells. Aloe vera juice contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, various secondary plant substances as well as mono- and polysaccharides. The most important ingredient is Aloverose. The multiple sugar, which is only found in the aloe species "Aloe barbadensis Miller", binds the active substance-saturated moisture on the skin.

Cosmetic effects of aloe vera gel on the skin proven in studies:

  • Supports the natural regeneration
  • Effects cell renewal
  • Dispenses and binds moisture
  • Acts anti-inflammatory

The Santaverde formulation principle: aloe instead of aqua

Santaverde's claim is to bring out the full effective power of aloe vera in cosmetics - which is why they follow the aloe instead of aqua formulation principle. Instead of water, the usual main ingredient of cosmetics, Santaverde uses the plant juice aloe vera in cosmetics. Only pure aloe vera juice, which is uniquely rich in active ingredients, from Santaverde's own controlled organic cultivation in Andalusia is used. The compositions thus achieve a unique density of active ingredients and thus a multifaceted effect on the skin: regenerating, moisturising and binding, soothing and protecting. 

Indicator of efficacy

The higher the aloverose content in aloe vera juice, the higher the density of active ingredients. The decisive prerequisites for this are organic cultivation and rapid processing after harvesting. Santaverde has been fulfilling both for 30 years with deep conviction and today produces a juice that contains more than 1200 mg/l Aloverose - for comparison: the average value on the market is around 400mg/l.

Santaverde owes the particularly high vital substance content of aloe vera plants to the microclimate of Andalusia and the highest possible naturalness in cultivation and processing. We at Saint Charles appreciate this and are happy to offer Santaverde not only in our Saint Charles Cosmothecary, but also in our online premium shop for natural cosmetics.

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